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Children have the grace to move quickly from anger to forgiveness, as they go from laughter to tears. Unfortunately, in adults, the ability to not get stuck on negative emotions is rare. This makes it difficult to reconcile with friends after a misunderstanding or disappointment.

However, these lost friendships are sometimes the ones we miss the most. Over time, we often realize that there was a lack of flexibility, which is enclosed in a rigid posture instead of trying to understand the other. If you feel the urge to reconnect with (e) lost friend (e) for a long time, nothing beats a letter that will allow you to express your feelings calmly. It will be easier to be calm and open writing rather than by telephone. Here are some sample letters you can adapt freely to your liking then send to friends with whom you want to reconnect.

"It's been so long ..."
"It is now so long that we have lost sight that I could hardly tell why we stopped to see us. I vaguely remember a quarrel between us, whose motive was certainly insignificant in relation to the immense friendship between us. however, that in my memory remains intact, it is the memory of the unforgettable moments that we spent together. STRICT I really miss now. I would like the opportunity to start a good foundation and strengthen our friendship. "

"I'm sorry"
"While I could, by pride, pretend he did not mind losing your friendship and trust, I must confess now that I'm really disappointed (e) myself. Why am I not apologize (e) earlier? wrongs I know are on my side. Hopefully you please forgive me and make me new confidence. Our friendship is so precious to my eyes! "

"I did not take from you a long time ..."
"I can not say how long we have not had the opportunity to see us or even talk to us. Without doubt this is partly my fault because I let it go too long before taking from you. The whirlwind of life is such that sometimes we miss important things. Now I feel a little embarrassed (e) to come and ask you if you're okay because I realize that I should have done long ago. I hope you do not want me and that you would, like me, get on with this beautiful friendship that unites us. "

"I was very hurt (e) but I want to draw a line under the past ..."
"I've had the opportunity to tell you how our dispute had hurt me. I was very hurt (e) but now I really want to draw a line under the past. I think our friendship is better than that. There are so many good memories that come to mind when I think about us, our complicity in our laughter. I also think all those times when we are born we (e) s and consoled (s)! A friendship like ours, it is worth gold. spoil Do not foolishly. "
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