Happy Friendship Day 2014 Celebration Ideas

Happy friendship day 2014 celebration ideas

Friendship Day 2014 is on its way! And today here we suggest how to celebrate the Happy Friendship Day 2014.Whether arrange a big bang party for the International Friendship Day, or a cute simple moment of affection or bonding celebrating Friendship bond, it’s better to plan it already.
To make ‘Dosti ki ye din’ memorable, we here present some awesome Happy friendship day 2014 celebration ideas. Prepare your seatbelt with all the Friendship Day messages and quotes. These are the top seven friendship day celebration ideas
1.       Go to a movie with your best friends. But we suggest an even better celebration; download a movie which focuses on Friendship bond. On the very day ask your friend to join, enjoy the movie with coffee or cocktail, whichever suits.
2.      Go to local disco, ask the DJ to mention your friendship story to be told in very short. Surprise your friend on the process.
3.      If you have a bunch of friends to celebrate with go for a picnic, get all the Friendship bands and cards with you. Gift them after before the picnic is over.
4.      You can arrange a friendship day football or cricket match and celebrate you day like old times.
5.      Some silly pranks over radio or some social media can also make your Friendship Day memorable.
6.      Have a house party, play loud music. Go wild with ‘Ye Dosti, Hum nahi todenge..’
7.      Order a cute small cake, if your planning to see your special friend your Valentine partner also!!!!

Last but most important, apart from this top seven friendship day celebration ideas  its your own Friendship celebration. Anything, even a cup of tea at local tea-stall or a sea-beach party, makes the celebration full of heart. Friendship itself is a celebration of life. Do remember that. Happy Friendship day 2014.

Happy friendship day 2014 celebration ideas

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