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[HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY 2014]Do we actually need the day to arrive to celebrate? Well we show love and affection to our friends every single day. But yet then the holiday on the first Sunday of August is something special. In countries like India, the friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August as a reminder to tribute the amazing friendships of our lives. The celebration can differ from sending gifts to cards, flowers, hang-outs etc. Let us know what all are the ways through which friendship day can be celebrated.

Friendship bands are a popular way of showing affection to your friend. Friendship day bracelets are available for adults and kids which all look the same. We have noticed many designer friendship bracelets on the wrists of superstars, which assists them strengthen their flexible character. You can either give a costly bracelet or can create a handmade one as your friend likes. It is a thoughtful way of showing love to your chum on the happy friendship day.
Gifts or gestures on friendship day mean showing love to your friends. They do not need to be too much complicated. Find a simple way that makes your friend happy. That will be more than enough. One such way is thoughtful notes and messages. You can either post a video of a special song that you friend likes on his facebook wall. You can send a tweet saying why your friend is really great for you. Write a simple note or a friendship day message and post to his wall.

A reasonably priced gift can also be a way of celebrating friendship day. A small solicitous gift can make huge impact than buying a costlier one. A gift can be an exquisite picture of you both in a picture frame that can be kept on the desk. A journal containing all happy moments that you have spent together can also be valuable on a friendship day. You can also prepare the favourite dish of your friend and put it in a box with tissue paper. friendship day

If you do not wish to spend anything, the best way is to spend some quality time with your friend on the happy friendship day. We remain so busy in our lives that we do not get time to meet each other. On this day we can plan for night-outs, go out on a ride, chit-chat in coffee shops, dinner in a good restaurant or whatever way you both like. But prefer an activity that brings fun to both of you. This would keep the spirit of friendship day intact.And lastly the most important thing to be remembered is that never miss a year. If you

are celebrating a friendship day, celebrate it every year and also keep the spirit of your friendship unbroken for the entire year. Find ways to resolve arguments quickly, find time at regular intervals to meet each other. Stay happy and also keep your friend happy. This is the only motto of celebrating friendship day.FOR MORE INFO
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